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Smart Cities and Communities

Today, GIS has become one of the important subjects for Smart Cities. 3D maps, scientific plotting and building models are formed by and the projects about those are designed, by the specialized ARGEDOR team.


KNVCity is a photorealistic 3D virtual city model; and this model is a new generation 3D Geographic Information System tool providing endusers with the ability of performing innovative measuring and analysis on a web based virtual cities while ensuring spatial operations, urban planning and simulations to be performed.

KNVCity is a product, which can analyze the operations of preparation of city model, its presentation, and performance of rich spatial analysis, urban planning and simulations as integrated as a whole and can fully meet the needs of energy efficiency, disaster management, improved quality of life and city silhouette to be built, and is a product which is a candidate application to become the leading one in the world in the field of Photorealistic 3D Virtual and Smart Cities due to its unique innovative characteristics

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Geographic Information Systems

Today, GIS has become one of the important subjects for Smart Cities. Its use is based on high-level photorealistic visualization. These support functions ranging from management to design are used in 3D maps, 3D building models and data plots.

Its Potential Areas of Use

Environmental Management

Spatial Planning

Urban Transformation

Energy Efficiency

Disaster Prevention and Disaster Management

Real Estate Value Assessment

Improving the Quality of Life (noise, air pollution, air flow, etc.).

Urban Life Mobility Analysis (Business centers, streets, underground transportation)

Infrastructure Construction

Traffic Planning

Infrastructure for Various Simulation Systems

Landscape Planning