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3D Visualization

3D Visualization representing a rapid growing technological development, together with subjects of smart cities and energy efficiency constitutes a new technology field in Turkey by ARGEDOR.

3D Visualization

Multi layer visualization, implementation of 3D visualization techniques in video games, the use of visual decision support tools are formed by the big data analytics and real time mapping to be performed.


KNVCity product has been the solutions for photorealistic 3D city visualization by its advanced technology analysis. This product that enables a realistic representation of geographic layers such as buildings and infrastructure are designed and supported for CityGML and large scale popular 3D data formats.

Realistic 3D Navigation:

ARGEDOR continues its works on navigating between the interior and exterior realities in 3D realistic environments. For example, “Aziziye Mosque Virtual Tour” for Konya Metropolitan Municipality is designed by our team, in line with the requests of Konya Metropolitan Municipality. KNVCity allows navigation around the virtual city. One can move freely in all directions on the city, can zoom in or out and the model can be rotated. All of these can be used simply by using the mouse, keyboard, navigation interface on screen and touch screen.

3D Mapping

The product named as KNVCity performs 3D Virtual City Modelling.

The works on 3D city models for Konya Metropolitan Municipality was completed in 2014. This city model is used in all smartphones, tablets and desktop systems.

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