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ARGEDOR uses its knowledge on the fields like Geographic Information Systems, 3D Visualization, 3D mapping, Big Data Analysis, Search Technologies, Recommender Systems, Data Mining, Sentiment Analysis and Cloud Computing to develop innovative products for the end users.

Smart Cities and Communities

By considering the gains and solutions ensured by Geographic Information System for Smart Cities, ARGEDOR designs projects in that regard by forming 3D mapping, scientific plotting, building modelling and 3D visualization.


3D Visualization

3D Visualization service, which symbolizes technological development grows rapidly alongside with the subjects of smart cities and energy efficiency, formed a new technology field in Turkey by dint of ARGEDOR.

Energy Efficiency

ARGEDOR has formed and developed the real time physical system measuring the energy efficiency and the energy efficiency performance of the buildings based on computer aided 3D modellings, by providing a real time physical and engine simulation reality.


Cloud Computing

ARGEDOR continues to work on its R&D based studies with its innovative products in particular, which process and store the data in Cloud Computing technologies.

Big Data

ARGEDOR offers services on Big Data, Data Mining, Hadoop Architecture, Cloud Computing, advanced Data Visualization and Context Aware Human Computer Interaction and forms Data Analysis Platforms.


Search Technologies

ARGEDOR provides its academic and technical knowledge it has in the field of search technologies to the institutions and end users by means of its innovative applications.

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