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National Projects

ARGEDOR implements many successful national projects by national knowledge and experience of its experienced R&D engineers who are experts of the fields.

KNVCity: Photorealistic 3D City Modelling, Visualization, Analysis and Planning Platform


KNVCity is a new generation 3D GIS tool that will ensure the preparation of photorealistic 3D virtual city model (Data Production), supply of this model to the end users (Web based Geographic Information Systems – GIS), the innovative measuring and analysis made on the virtual city (Spatial Operations), performance of urban planning and simulations. KNVCity also constitutes the basis of Smart City Services. Our project, which provides infrastructure with pioneer characteristics as the smart city visualization tool, was found eligible as the grantee by TUBITAK within the scope of 1507 SME R&D Initial Support Program.

Furnishing the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Reports Service


By the project, Web Based Geographic Information System Reports are furnished by performing exchange of data conforming to the access standards identified by Ministry of Health’s Central Organization, its affiliates and other public institutions and organizations and Directorate General of Health Information Systems. By the project, in Health Sector, an application, which can visualize and categorize long distance transfers and ties like trends in healthcare across Turkey with animated arrows and can open those on the same screen in new windows by designed user friendly user interfaces and can make analysis, controlling and comparison on multiple maps, will be performed.

Project produces such kind of “Spatial Business Intelligence” product by using spatial characteristics of the data in health sector as a base. Therefore, it becomes possible to make an analysis of the data like disease, trends in healthcare, environmental factors, etc. in terms of spatial relations of those data and to create efficient decision making processes of decision makers.

Research and Development of 3D Topographic and Urban Data Modelling Project


In 2011-2012, Directorate General of Geographic Information Systems identified the content and change standards for topographic data shared at national level within the scope of “National Geographic Information Infrastructure Installation Project” and for the geographic data regarding the city generated and used by local government within the scope of “Determination of Standards of Urban Information System Project” as 2D. However, due to the benefits brought by collecting and using the aforementioned data as 3D, it is decided to determine CityGML compatible national data standards and to develop appropriate tools and solutions for the industry consistent with this approach and ARGEDOR has incurred the development of this project.

Integrated Financial and Social Platform

Close-up of a Calculator and Pen on a Financial Newspaper.  Blue-toned.

Integrated Financial and Social Platform is unique and innovative software platform specialized in finance having Web 2.0 technologies and making Financial Sentiment Analysis, in which its members can manage their investments benefiting from the updated articles, comments prepared by the finance experts and latest news and analysis inserted in the platform; can share their comments and ideas on the market and investment tools by creating their own blogs.

Interactive 3D City Applications for Mobile Devices


There is an on going study in order for the level reached in Visual 3D cities, desktop systems and web based applications to be also provided effectively in mobile media. Thus, in accordance with this new trend becoming significant gradually, we aim to offer users realistic city models effectively in mobile devices. In that regard, we have been conducting pilot works in some cities of our country, such as Konya and Bitlis.

Recommender Systems


Recommender Engine is a highly important project covering many fields, R&D and innovation gradually gaining importance at national and international level. ARGEDOR initially has targeted the music field, then has planned to switch to the other areas with information to be obtained. Recommender systems (engines) aim to provide users with customized preferences by grasping the opinions and preferences of the user communities about content items. Thus it is ensured that users have the quick access to most suitable / right information for them.

Data Mining Project


Data mining is the process of accessing to the information among large scale data by mining the data. In other words, it is a process that can allow us to make predictions about the future among large accumulation of data and a process where the ties and connections are searched by using a computer program. In this project, we also carry out activities on extracting the information, which is vague, not very clear, unknown previously but is potentially useful from the available data.

Preparation of Document and Reporting Consultancy Project


In recent years, a variety of institutions and organizations offer support programs to fund the projects of companies engaged in R&D and to support them for R&D. These institutions/ organizations are: TUBITAK TEYDEB, TUBITAK 7. FP, KOSGEB, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Transportation, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy Export-Oriented Grants, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy Investment (Regional) Support, SAN-TEZ Support Programs and TTGV Support programs. R&D is a field with high costs. In the relations elevating the cooperations of the employees and the companies to the international platform like Enterprise Europa Network, there is a need for reporting and documentation at a high level. ARGEDOR transferred to companies in need the knowledge and experience it has in these fields. We provide consultancy on document preparation, reporting and presentation from the application process of projects until completion process of project.

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