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Premium ClickHouse Support

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Altinity, the leading service and software provider of ClickHouse.

ClickHouse is an open source column-oriented database management system capable of real time generation of analytical data reports using SQL queries.

ClickHouse tames data in a revolutionary way. It is the one and only database you will ever need for analytics.

What we do

  • We provide ClickHouse fitness consultation so you can see how well it fits in your case.
  • We provide POC/evaluation support to give a hint about ClickHouse performance.
  • We provide training and workshops.
  • We will help you to successfully build, deploy, migrate and manage your ClickHouse clusters.
  • We will assist you about ClickHouse administration.
  • We provide level 3 support (bug fixes and hot releases).


Q: How do I know if Clickhouse can solve my problem?

A: If your data is large and you need instant analytics results, Clickhouse maybe the best option for you. Tell us your case and let’s investigate and demonstrate if Clickhouse can solve your problem.

Q: How well does Clickhouse fit for my case?

A: Tell us your case and we will help you to decide.

Q: How does Clickhouse perform among other solutions?

A: Check this benchmark. Also, there are other independent benchmarks you can take a look:

ClickHouse: New Open Source Columnar Database by Percona

Column Store Database Benchmarks by Percona

1.1 Billion Taxi Rides on ClickHouse & an Intel Core i5 by Mark Litwintschik

1.1 Billion Taxi Rides: 108-core ClickHouse Cluster by Mark Litwintschik

ClickHouse vs Amazon RedShift Benchmark by Altinity

Geospatial processing with Clickhouse by Carto

If these are not enough, let’s schedule a POC and/or evaluation installation for you.

Q: Can I see how good Clickhouse performs?

A: Since Clickhouse is 100% open source, you can install and do your own testing but without optimization and good understanding of Clickhouse internals, you will probably have a crippled performance even though it will still be better than most other solutions. In order to have a quick and reliable result, we provide POC and evaluation support. Reach us and we will make you taste the performance of Clickhouse.

Q: What happens if the disk size, memory or CPU power of my Clickhouse server becomes insufficient over time?

A: You have a couple of options. First, you can migrate your data to a bigger and better server which is called vertical scaling and we don’t recommend that. You can also optimize your queries and compress your data to utilize less server resources. The other option is to have a horizontally scalable Clickhouse cluster so you can add more resources whenever you need. Get back to us and we will help you to optimize your queries and build an efficient Clickhouse cluster.

Q: What happens on an incident of hardware failure? Will I lose data?

A: If you build a replication strategy, your data will still be intact even if you lose your whole server. Besides, your system will still be up and running without any interruption. Replication will also make your queries run faster. Want to know how this is done? Reach us and we will build a replicated, highly available cluster.

Q: What if there is a bug in Clickhouse?

A: Clickhouse is thoroughly tested before any release. There are thousands of tests in Clickhouse github repo you can check. Also, Clickhouse is used in production in numerous companies including Yandex.Metrica, the 2nd largest analytics deployment of the world. Even then if you have a trouble, we can support you 7×24 and this will include solving bugs and delivering hot releases.

Q: How much it will cost me to have 7×24 Clickhouse support?

A: It will depend on your SLA requirements and server count. Reach us so we can calculate your cost.

Q: Can I combine Clickhouse with my existing DBMS?

A: Yes! You can connect to any DBMS supporting JDBC. Besides JDBC, Clickhouse also has native support for Kafka, HDFS, MySQL and lots of other tools.

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